eSpirit Sept 24

Three P’s

On September 24 after a shortened service; we will move into a meeting of the congregation. I hope that many of you are rolling your eyes as you read this exclaiming “We know!” If this is news to you, please make the meeting a priority and plan to attend. It is crucial that we hear from the diversity of folk that make up Beach United Church.

There has been much focus on the background material that helps set-the scene for the decisions that will be made. I hope that you have read the document “Three Proposals to make Beach United a Great Church”. If not there is a handy dandy link at the top of this page – click and all will be revealed 🙂

As important as presence and proposals are to this meeting. I would like to add another P into the mix, prayer. I offer this prayer which I hope will help connect us to the energising force of God’s spirit.

May it be so, Karen


Spirit of transformation, help us to live hopefully into the future.

In the face of change, help us to set aside constraining fears

so we may be open to the potential for creative response.

Help is develop optimism in the face of “the new” and guard against our own defensiveness.

Be with us as we celebrate the former times

and remain among us as we vision new possibilities.