eSpirit Oct 15

Practice makes perfect?

On Sunday we will be considering the question Where have we come from ? It will be an opportunity to think about the things that we do together in community that create openings in our lives where the presence of God might be known. Such activities are known as “practices”.

Practices help to shape the formation of identity – for us that would be the exploration of our Christian identity, recognising we live in a world where there are many pathways to God. Christian practices are actions carried out in response to the life and teaching of Jesus; they focus on such things as “love your neighbour” & justice for all. They bridge the gap between thinking and doing and show how much each is related to the other.

How does this idea of “practices” help us think about — and live — the Christian life? Marcus Borg answers this question in a simple yet profound way; in these 2 statements

practice is paying attention to God

            practice is not simply something we do; rather it nourishes us

 So I invite you to think about the things that nourish you and reflect upon how God might be present in those activities.

Blessings, Karen