eSpirit March 11

For times of change


Prayer does not change God but it changes the person who prays. Soren Kierkegaard.

This Sunday we will be participating in a congregational meeting where we will look back at the year 2017 and also think about directions for 2018. This means continuing to live into times of change – – -and Linda Smith-Criddle has written a prayer for such times.

God, assist us to live hopefully into the future.

In the face of change, help us to set unnecessary fears aside

and recognize our potential to respond creatively.

Help us to develop a reasonable optimism when confronted by “the new”

and guard against our defensiveness.

Be with us as we remember and celebrate the former times.

Keep us from yearning for what was

so that we don’t miss new possibilities, from unexpected places.



Blessings, Karen