eSpirit April 29

When something terrible happens – – –

I become momentarily frozen, unable to take in the enormity of the situation I am hearing described by an anxious voiced reporter, over my car radio. How about you; where were you when you first heard about the terrible tragedy of people killed and injured on Yonge St on Monday afternoon?   How did you feel?

Perhaps the most difficult question for me is “What can I do?” In the midst of the carnage that ripples out effecting more and more people, there doesn’t seem a whole lot I can do. I am in awe of the actions of others – the police officer who refused to meet violence with violence – the person who performed CPR at the scene – those opening up space for people to gather.

My silent, awkward prayers seem insufficient :but then I remind myself that I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer has power because in those moments I am focusing my energy on something beyond myself. I move from being self centered to becoming present to others.

This is not a direct interaction but it does create change. It changes the only thing I have some control over, myself. In the face of this tragedy I choose to live with love in my heart. I hear God singing to me through the words of John Bell

Don’t be afraid. My love is stronger, my love is stronger than your fear.

May it be so, Karen