eSpirit May 20

Spirit of love

Pentecost is a commemoration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. Today, in many Christian churches, Pentecost Sunday is celebrated to recognize the gift of the Holy Spirit, that continues to be present in our lives. This year, May 20 is designated as Pentecost Sunday but you will not have seen that written on our posters or in the Heartbeat newsletter.

You might be wondering why not or perhaps you haven’t even noticed its absence. I have pondered for quite a few years now about the relevance of some of these liturgical titles. This year I have tried to use more everyday language that connects with our lives. So Pentecost has become “Spirit of love” and we will be exploring that theme through contemporary music; in what we call “Worship Amplified”.

One of the songs you will hear is Bruce Cockburn’s “Lovers in a dangerous time” which he wrote in 1983 after spending time in Central America. Bruce is speaking out against Reagan’s policies of support for violent dictatorships in the area. Through his music and lyrics he is exploring how the “spirit of love” acts in difficult, war-torn times.

Spirits open to the thrust of grace

Never a breath you can afford to waste

When you’re lovers in a dangerous time.

Come and listen, sing along and tap your feet as the band [ guitar, bass, percussion & keyboard] play contemporary songs with a spiritual twist.

Blessings, Karen