eSpirit Jan 3 2016

Sunday is my last worship service at Beach United and my heart is filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for sharing part of my life journey with the saints of Beach United. I joined you when you were newly formed and figuring out relationships. I leave you as a strongly bonded community.

I am grateful for all the ups and downs of our spiritual lives. God’s spirit is best found in the messiness of life.

I am grateful for baptisms and funerals, births and deaths. Sharing intimate moments in our lives is a humbling, sacred privilege.

I am grateful for food, coffee, and community. Whether we share communion, coffee before and after worship, lunch at the Interfaith Lunch Program, or snacks at various meetings, Christ’s spirit is alive when we break bread together.

I am grateful for growing and learning with you all. God calls us to stretch our angel wings, sing our alleluias, and tell our good news of love and justice wherever we go.

I am grateful.


eSpirit Dec 6

A different kind of gift

We all have physical needs e.g. food, water, and shelter, but we also have spiritual needs. Howard Clinebell calls these spiritual hungers and suggests all people need to:

experience love – from others, self, and an ultimate source (God).

            explore beliefs that give meaning and hope in the midst of loss

            discover and develop their creativity      

            deepen their awareness of oneness with others, the natural world & God

During this season, demands can be many and stress can be high. Take a moment to reflect quietly on what you need this season. Try not to confuse your needs with your wants. What we want is not always what we need.

Another way to help us to reflect on what is important during this advent season leading up to Christmas, is to consider these words by an unknown writer:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

When you have finished reflecting, write your spiritual gift or your gift of gratitude on a card, decorate it if you feel so inclined, and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Advent blessings, Karen