eSpirit August edition

One Day, One Choir, One Song

We will be singing for peace on Saturday, July 28 at 2 pm outside the church. The idea first blossomed a few months ago when we watched a video of 3,000 people – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – singing together for peace in Haifa. I thought we can add our voices to that call for peace in our world.

I never could have imagined that our song would take on meaning, much closer to home. The shootings on the Danforth this week, is a tragedy. A chilling event that is becoming more and more common in our city. There is no better time to sing for peace!

We need to sing it, so that peace is nurtured within each one of us and from there can ripple out into the world. As momentum builds, we can be part of a tidal wave of love that will wash away fear and hatred.

Sounds a bit naive? Maybe. But each one of us needs to start somewhere. Make this Saturday at 2 pm at Beach United Church, on Wineva Ave; your place to start building peace in our world. We will build it – one heart, one person, one street – at a time.

May it be so,

Blessings, Karen