eSpirit Feb 10 2013

Happy Transfiguration Sunday! I know we’ve been anticipating this once-yearly event, eagerly buying transfiguration presents for everyone, getting our cards out, and planning the festive meal. The big day has arrived—finally.

On the other hand . . . perhaps we have no clue about Transfiguration Sunday at all. Bible stories and church traditions can often seem remote and incomprehensible. Bible stories are dressed up in metaphor that bears no relationship to what we know or do today. The same goes for church traditions were developed in years gone by when people were wrestling with concerns that we don’t share nowadays.

And yet, unpacking these bible stories from their ancient wrapping paper and dusting off church traditions can give us insight into our heritage. Nonetheless, not everything we inherit is a treasure that we want to keep. Although sometimes we uncover something significant that deepens our spiritual life.

So how does this apply to Transfiguration Sunday? In our bible story for Sunday, Jesus is transfigured from his ordinary self into a radiant light-filled being. Our church tradition celebrates this transfiguration in Jesus’ life as a “God-moment,” or theophany—yet another churchy word.

Is this bible story/church tradition a keeper? Or, do we place this story in our heritage album and move on with our lives? Let’s explore this some more on Sunday as we reflect on Luke 9:28-43.

Shalom, Abigail