eSpirit Feb 17 2013

Lent is here. As a preparation for Easter, the 40 days of lent is one of the oldest Christian traditions. Many people practice spiritual disciplines such as:

  • Prayer—justice toward God
  • Fasting—justice toward self
  • Charitable giving—justice toward neighbour

Whatever spiritual practices we choose to do during lent, the purpose is to draw us closer to God not to engage in self-negation or guilt. Practices of prayer, fasting, and charitable giving are meant to deepen our love for God, for ourselves, and for others.

At Beach United, our Sunday worship services during lent will focus on God’s table, whether that table is an altar, a communion table, a kitchen table, a dining room table, or a coffee shop table. All tables offer opportunities to gather and practice God’s welcome and hospitality. All are welcome at God’s table.

Throughout our Lenten worship services, our children will create a welcome table beginning with a tablecloth. This Sunday children will draw designs with fabric crayons that will be ironed onto a tablecloth that we will use for communion on Easter Sunday morning.

Another element of worship will include short meditative songs to enhance scripture reading, prayer, and reflection.

Let us travel through lent deepening the love that God already showers upon us.

Shalom, Abigail