eSpirit July

Sing Out!

“They who sing, pray twice,” said the great church reformer Martin Luther. Or at least that is what he would have said had he lived today and was aware of non-binary gender language. Despite using patriarchal language, I suspect that Martin Luther loved to sing and was encouraging all people to sing praise to God. But what about those people who don’t like to sing or believe they can’t sing?

Even if singing is not your thing, you might well be moved by certain lyrics or love to listen to others singing. The idea behind the “Sing Out” July Worship Series, is that we all have something to say and share with the world; it might be sung, or rapped, or spoken, or lived. It doesn’t matter what form it takes but the motivation behind the expression is crucial.

The Celtic Christians were influenced by God in nature; African American Christians by Gods message of freedom; the Taizé community by God in silence and chanting. In the words of an African American spiritual

            Over my head, I hear music in the air –

            there must be a God somewhere!

There will be music in the air on Saturday July 28, 2 pm outside at Beach United Church. The event is called One Day, One Choir, One Song. We are hoping that as many people as possible will come and learn a song for peace, “One Day” by Matisyahu. The crowd will be the choir and a live band will play. This performance will be videoed to share on-line and promote peace in the world.         For more information please contact Steven Webb

Blessings, Karen