Heartbeat November Edition

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Remember Peace

There are more and more ways to be a part of the community at Beach United Church.  Read the Heartbeat newsletter that is attached here and you will see the breadth and depth of the programming.  In the midst of all these opportunities, I believe that “worship matters”.  Worship helps us to journey inwards to the core of our being and then helps us to move outwards in a spirit of justice and compassion.

What are we trying to connect with at our core, to take into the world?  I would name it as “love”; that is the essence of God for me.  Jesus lived that love in the world: he was both a peacemaker and a disturber of the status quo. This idea is encapsulated in the phrase “to remember is to work for peace”.

During the Remembrance Day period in 1989, a Mennonite pastor in Ontario suggested that all Mennonite communities shared the same message of peace.  That is how the simple message to remember is to work for peace” was born.

We will be exploring this theme not just on Sunday November 11th but throughout the month of November.  Come and add the energy of your spirit, as we gather to worship on Sunday morning and then go out to live love in the world.

In peace,