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Friday Dec 21 Longest Night Service 7.30 pm with harpist Kathryn Merriam.  Sometimes the loads we carry are heavy. Come and find comfort in music, prayer & candle lighting.

Dec 24, Christmas Eve Service 8 pm: shared with Out of the Cold guests.

Parking Lot: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the parking lot be open for business?

A: After many rain days in November and delays in materials deliveries, plus the usual glitches in most construction projects, the start date has been set for late in January.


Q: Will there be any free parking or discounts for members of the congregation or staff?

A: Everyone will pay the regular parking rates. There is no free or discounted parking for any users, including on Sunday mornings. Other ‘Green P’ lots also charge on Sunday mornings. We can take comfort in knowing that about 75% of the fees after expenses goes back into the church.


Q: How does our parking facility fit with our commitment to care for the environment?

A: With full recognition that the level of vehicle use must be reduced as part of our commitment to the environment, we have included in our facility as much consideration of our footprint as possible, and sustainable. We are using products called Ecoraster and Bloxx. Ecoraster is a frame made of recycled plastic. Used plastic bags are used in making these frames, and our lot will divert approximately 560,000 used plastic bags from landfill. These frames will be installed onto a 30cm bed of clean gravel over the whole parking area and walkway. Into this framework will be inserted Bloxx paving bricks, made of recycled tires. According to the manufacturer, our facility will be made up of 3,000 recycled tires. This system is fully permeable and, unlike traditional paving methods that send storm water into Lake Ontario via storm drains, will capture all storm water falling onto the site and filter it down into the subgrade of gravel and sandy soil. Incidentally, we have incorporated coloured rubber pavers into our lot design.


Q: With Toronto Parking Authority as our partner, what is our revenue projection from the parking lot?

A: Our agreement with TPA splits revenue 25% to TPA and 75% to Beach United. Using nearby lots for comparison, TPA projects annual revenue of over $72,000. BUC can expect to receive over $45,000 annually. Experience suggests that it takes close to a full year before a new parking lot becomes fully used, as people learn of its existence in the area.


Q: Will there be signs directing people to our parking lot?

A: Yes, TPA is installing signs on Hammersmith directing people across to Wineva. There will be a ‘Green P’ sign at the lot entrance.


Q: What are the parking rates?

A: Rates are the same as on other ‘Green P’ lots in the area.

Each half Hour                          $1.25

Day maximum                           $7.00

Evening Maximum (6pm to 7am) $4.00

For each dollar spent on parking, BUC receives approximately 75 cents.

Q: What are our responsibilities in this agreement?

A: We are responsible for ongoing maintenance of the facility, including snow removal and general care and any repairs required. TPA provides the pay machine and all of the operating processes such as fee collection, ticketing unlawfully parked cars, etc