Heartbeat April 2019

April Heartbeat Newsletter

Sacred Journey

We are past the halfway point in the journey of Lent and getting closer to Jerusalem and the events of Holy Week. Now more than ever it is important to pause for a moment. So I invite you to make some quiet time, take deep breaths and relax into the place you find yourself.

Perhaps you just need to breathe for a few moments, connecting with your breath and your body.  But if you are drawn to words, read Ann Weems’ poem slowly and see if a phrase resonates.  Then take this with you into the rest of your day.

The way to Jerusalem is cluttered

with bits and pieces of our lives

that fly up and cry out,

wounding us as we try to keep upon this path

that leads to Life.

Why didn’t someone tell us

that it would be this hard?

In the midst of the clutter

the children laugh and run after stars.

Those of us who are wise will follow,

for the children will be the first

to kneel in Jerusalem.


Peace, Karen Dale

in ministry with Beach United Church