Hello gardening friends!

First a big thanks to all who have helped keep the church garden in shape this year – Matt, Geoff, Jennifer, Lynne, Shah, Caspian, Agnes and Andy


The garden is pretty well shut down for winter now

(1)  veggie garden is bare earth (thanks Agnes and Andy), the compost is composting down,  the Roses of Sharon have been seriously cut back (thanks Matt) and weeds have been cleared away all over (thanks Lynne, Dayna, Shah and Caspian)

(2) in the absence of bright flowers, the less noticeable plants are more apparent

 –  maple trees along the parking lot shining  bright red

–  the Mahonia Oregon Grape also has shiny bright orange leaves, and will keep them all winter

–  the grasses keep their flower heads all winter  (thanks Geoff)

– and more  : Sally’s Hop tree has not only survived its move but looking good with strong new growth (see picture)


Dates to keep in mind  –

(1) If we start again in May, the seventh will be the first Saturday  – and  there will be plenty to do!

(2) Possible  dates for our Plant Sale will be either Sunday June 12 or June 19

Thanks again for your company and your help  – best wishes for the rest of 2021 and here’s hoping for a pandemic-free 2022

Hastings Withers

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