To the extraordinary volunteers of the Beach United Church community:

Officially this is the week to recognize volunteer contributions in Canada. While a specific time of year is a great opportunity to say a very public thank you for all the work that gets done in support of our vision and mission the thanks and sincere appreciation really are year round. And the list for us is almost endless in the ways people provide volunteer time in support of formal programs and informal acts of kindness, service and goodwill.

This community is one of givers – quietly, thoughtfully and consistently showing up every week and in support of new ideas and activities that help us thrive and make the world a better place. It is a privilege to be in connection with such an outstanding group of people who live their faith in this very caring and meaningful way.

On behalf of the Board and staff of Beach United Church – THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AMAZING VOLUNTEERS !!

As always, if you have comments, concerns or ideas to share please feel free to contact us:

Brian, Barry, David & Nanci

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