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It is with a mixture of sadness and celebration that we announce Karen has let us know she is leaving Beach UC at the end of 2021. She has been a pillar of support, strength, accountability and compassion for everyone in our community since she has joined us but never more so than during the challenge of the pandemic. Knowing Karen was available to guide, inform, support and inspire us with her ministry has been a real source of strength for many appreciative people.

And while this represents a huge loss for us it is also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate all that Karen has to look forward to when she moves on to new adventures.

Karen has thoughtfully let us know early enough that we can have the time required to recruit for her successor. The United Church has a particular process we are required to follow and we will be commencing that shortly and for which your input will be desired.

There will be ample opportunity (some we optimistically hope can occur later this year in person) to recognize Karen’s contributions and to wish her the very best.

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