Dear members of the Beach United Congregation-

We are writing to give you a further update on Beach United Church as we deal with the impact of COVID. We want to let you know about some of the activities that have been underway over the past few weeks and invite your input for the future.

Our Operations Advisory Group has been meeting weekly and working with David Lewis to develop plans for reopening 140 Wineva once it is safe to do so for both the congregation and renters of our facilities. This includes ensuring that we have the right cleaning procedures in place, organizing methods to maintain social distancing, and sourcing personal protection equipment. On masks specifically, we are prepared to buy some disposable masks, but we are also inviting volunteers to make masks if they are willing. If you wish to donate masks for use at Beach UC please contact David Lewis, Operations Manager, Beach United Church. Meanwhile there are many factors to be considered to ensure your safety when we reopen and once completed a copy of the reopening procedures will be posted on our web site.

The Province of Ontario has announced that churches outside the GTA will be able to reopen for services as of June 12 but that will be limited to 30% capacity. The directives regarding opening churches in our area are ambiguous and so we are taking a cautious approach. We are hopeful that we will be able to reopen in the near future but even then many of our congregation might be wary of returning due to their own health conditions or the health conditions of others in their family. The comfort and safety of our members and our guests is paramount and with these thoughts in mind, we will be proceeding slowly on reopening, and expect that our online services will be expanded and will continue for some time.

This specific area of worship services is one area where we need your input. A number of elements of the service have been put online, and we have developed some ideas for things to add. We will be sending out a survey on this to you all shortly.

As we look at what our future plans will look like more generally, we have returned to our strategic plan and our four goals: meeting spiritual needs, engaging with the community, ensuring financial sustainability, and creating a church that attracts people from all ages and social situations. We have used this plan as guidance as we think about what sort of events and activities are both possible and in line with our goals. We will be engaging the broader Beach United volunteer and leadership in coming weeks to help develop our plans and invite input for everyone in the Congregation. Meanwhile we would like to thank those of you who have already provided valuable input with your participation in the May 21 zoom discussion hosted by Danna Fitton, responding to our Survey Monkey or by submitting suggestions directly to the Board.

Board of Directors – Brian Gauthier, David Kiel, Barry Watson, Nanci Harris, Frank Plue

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