A musical reflection on planet earth

Here are some words from our music director, Steven Webb

Throughout history, musicians have been responding to the world around them through their artwork, and a response to the natural world through music stretches across the centuries. In response to the current global climate emergency, I’ve put together a collection of pieces from musicians from various backgrounds and genres, that I hope serves to both remind you of this incredible planet we call home, as well as putting a potential fire in your belly to bring about personal changes in your own life to benefit our planet. Systematic changes in our society are needed to help stave off both a climate and extinction crisis before it's too late. I hope you enjoy this collection of music about our planet earth and the creatures that live on it.

The video begins with “Serenade” by Franz Schubert and ends with “Everyday Life” by Coldplay. You will not want to miss any of amazing music in-between! So here is the link, click and go right to the video

The video is also posted on the “Music for the Soul” web page, where you will find more music to bring solace and joy into your life.

Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with Beach United Church]

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Music for the Soul: features a special music video reflection on planet earth, compiled by Steven Webb.

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