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Thanks and blessings
Here we are at the Thanksgiving weekend and I have been thinking, writing and meditating on gratitude. During these times of surging COVID cases and rampant inequality, I sometimes find it hard not to feel guilty that I have so many things to be thankful for. Guilt is one of the sad emotions, it can be soul sapping. By changing my thoughts, I can change how I feel and so act from a place of blessing; reminding myself that blessings are a gift, they are not earned.

So I find by compiling the events and programs for this eBlast, I experience my spirits rising and I feel re-connected to this wonderful community which is Beach United Church. I am grateful for the many people who bring their ideas, their time and energy to this place. Here is an idea from Pat Davies.

What’s new with you?
Wondering what’s happening with all your Beach United friends? How are they doing in this weird time? What’s new in their lives? We’re starting a new page on the website where we can exchange the pieces of information, big and small, that we would normally learn during coffee hour, hanging up our coats before a meeting, washing dishes or chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Details like getting over an illness, celebrating a birthday (or a birth), planning to move, reading a great book, finding a new Netflix series, experimenting with jam recipes: anything and everything that make up our daily lives. While we’re apart, we can stay together through exchanging the big-bits and tidbits that make up our daily lives.

Please send your news and any accompanying photos to We’ll collate your submissions into a weekly post for the website. Here is the link

“Gratitude bestows reverence...changing forever how we experience life and the world.” John Milton

May it be so, Karen Dale [in ministry with Beach United Church]

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Live-stream worship Sunday Oct 11: A Thanksgiving Worship - watch and listen on Facebook. Remember you do not need a Facebook account to watch; select “not at this time” if you are asked to join.

Worship Schedule: to view the upcoming schedule for Sunday services, check out this page

Songs of Thanksgiving: organ recital by Matthew Whitfield, Facebook live stream Oct 17 at 4 pm. For program & to register by donation

Easing Stress through Everyday Mindfulness: workshops offered on Saturday Nov 7,14,21,28 from 9 – 10 am. For more details click here

Spirit Connect: Read a Thanksgiving Prayer for Canadian Gifts by Les Millar

Jazz & Reflection Online: featuring Steve Hunter on piano and sharing thoughts on the theme of renewal. Link remains live until Oct 31, register by donation

Children & Youth: Check-out the Gratitude Gift activity.

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