Council is Beach United’s governing body, a group of dedicated congregation members who volunteer their time to coordinate the congregation’s programs and operations. Council sets goals and objectives based on and guided by the congregation’s overall vision for Beach United: Exploring Faith and Building Relationships with God, People, and the Earth.

If you have questions for specific Council members or would like to get involved in its work, please contact the church office.

See our Council News page for information from recent Congregational Meetings.

Council Membership:

Chair’s Circle: Paul Dowling, Leigh Bowser

Communications: Brian Gauthier

Congregational Development: Mary Anne Lemm

Environmental Initiatives: Ron Fitton

Pastoral Care: Marian Hilton

Service: Jim McKibbin

Treasurer: Chris Bell

Worship & Music: Marney Winn

Youth: Hastings Withers

Council is also includes representatives of two other congregation committees, as required by the United Church of Canada:

Ministry & Personnel (M&P): Barry Truscott, Chair of M&P

Selected by our Council and elected by our congregation, M&P provides a confidential, consultative and supportive role for relationships between our ministers, staff and congregation. Positive and constructive feedback is essential to staff growth. You are invited to share your thoughts and ideas with the committee.

Board of Trustees: Barry Watson, Chair of Trustees

The Trustees are volunteers from the congregation who serve as the “legal title-holders” of the congregation’s property. Their primary responsibility is managing the congregation’s investments, insurance and property. They follow the direction of Beach United’s Council, and are governed by rules set by the United Church of Canada.

Our minister, Karen Dale, is also a member of Beach United Church’s Council.