Pneumonia Vests-Crochet

Pneumonia Vests-Crochet

Pneumonia Prevention Vests Crochet Version

I wanted something that would work up quickly and have the fewest seams to stitch up. The “ribbing” gives some stretch to the bottom. The body is worked in rounds up to the arm openings, from this point the front and back pieces are worked separately and the only seams to sew are at the shoulders. So here is my crochet version of the pneumonia prevention vests. They won’t win any awards for their looks but they will keep babies warm ☺ In my prototype I used a 4.50 mm hook and a sportweight yarn. I also used 72 SC’s for the body; 36 SC’s for each the front and back pieces and 12 SC’s for each shoulder as well as for the neck opening. This is just a guide and actual numbers of stitches required may change depending on the yarn and hook you choose to use. This pattern is for a small vest and the finished size is: Length: 10 1/2 inches and Width: 9 inches.

RIBBING Chain 10, SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC across rest of chain. (8 SC)

Working in FRONT LOOPS ONLY SC across, chain 1, turn (8 SC) Repeat last row till piece measures 18 inches long. Fold in half and place edges together, slip stitch together.

DO NOT BREAK YARN… BODY (worked in rounds till arm openings and the seam will be on the side) Turn, chain 1and then working along side edge make an even number of SC’s, join with slip stitch in the chain 1 stitch at beginning of row. Chain 1. SC around, chain 1, join with slip stitch in chain 1 of previous round. Repeat previous row till piece measures 6 inches (including RIBBING). The rest of the vest is worked in rows from this point to shape the arm and neck openings.

FRONT SC to the midpoint, chain 1 and turn, leaving the other half unworked. SC back to beginning, chain 1 , turn. SC to end of row, chain 1, turn. Repeat last row till FRONT piece measures 9 inches (including RIBBING).

SHOULDERS Divide stitches into thirds for the two shoulders and for the neck opening. Place markers if desired. Working only in the first third of the last row, SC across, chain 1 turn. SC across, chain 1, turn. Repeat last row till shoulder piece measures 1 1/2 inches, end on the neck side. DO NOT BREAK YARN. (vest measures 10 1/2 inches including RIBBING) Slip stitch loosely down neck side of shoulder piece and along the neck edge to the beginning of the second shoulder side, chain 1 and SC across, chain 1, turn. Continue making the second shoulder piece to match the first. End on the arm opening side. BREAK YARN.

BACK Return to last round of the BODY and join yarn in first stitch of the unworked half. SC across, chain 1, turn. Work as for FRONT. Sew shoulder seams.