What is Advent?

Advent is a time of expectation and hope. “Advent” means “arrival” or “coming,” and it prompts us to pause each Sunday on Nov 29, Dec 6, Dec 13, Dec 20 and remember why Jesus came at Christmas. 

Take some time as family and talk about the meaning of



Joy and Love

How to make an Advent Wreath

An advent wreath traditionally has four candles representing hope, peace, joy and love.  Here’s how to make a very simple yet effective wreath of your very own. You will need –


3 green pipe cleaners

2 purple pipe cleaners

1 pink pipe cleaner

4 yellow buttons

Step 1: Connect (by twisting) three green pipe cleaners end to end to make one long stick.

Step 2: Wrap the stick around a pencil or pen tightly and remove it gently. Bring the ends together to make a circle and twist closed.

Step 3: To make the candles, cut the purple and pink pipe cleaners in half. Thread the button on. Holding the button at the center, fold the piper cleaner in half, and twist it.

Step 4: Connect the candles, by curling their bottoms around one of the coils in the wreath,

 and then twisting it around itself to hold it in place. Get it real snug so they don’t fall over. 


Step 5:  This one is up to you.  How are you going to add the candle to celebrate Jesus’ birth?  It is usually white and goes in the centre.

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