Programming for kids is going virtual.  Check out all the exciting ways to engage and stay at a safe distance!

Online Meet-Ups for Kids!

Dates: April 5, 2020

Time: 11 am. (Sunday Mornings)

Theme: Learning and unlearning, our monkey minds. Click here to read more!

Join us for a discussion on Families & Unlearning/Schooling; Bonding in Times of Social Distancing! What is in a question? How do we learn new things?

– Looking at safe ways to be social while distancing ourselves for safety; Safety and unlearning – is hard how are we handling it?
– Understanding how we can stay connected (social media, phone, other media, physical distance, eating, playing and connecting!)
-Learning – Unschooling? What can we learn than we haven’t had time to? Learning about Meals – how to prepare a recipe or cook with family – this is our focus for next week!

Homework takeaways: 

  • Submit an image of a mind-full meal on or after April 12th 🙂 Please run it by us first
  • Submit one image per family and recipe! (on April 12th – please submit to

The most creative dish and healthiest wins. Images and recipes to be show-cased in our gallery online!

Weekly Activity & Questions:

Sacred Spaces

This week please visit the following. Take some time out each night to review the Zoo’s Turtle Island Guide; being informed by learning the Wisdom of Indigenous Spirituality and Teachings.

This week We look at creating & remembering Sacred Spaces as we Practice Social Distancing! 

  2. Looking to learn? Look at LYNDA – online FREE 😊 All you need is your library card!

Passive Activities for Alone Time

  1. Explore your mind, what type of monkey would you say your mind is? How did you feel about your body while meditating? Where some thoughts more, or less happy than others and why?
  2. How much do you pay attention to what, when and how much you eat?

Can you do “The Great Raisin Experience?!”:

Instructions to Join the Online Meeting 

We invite you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please use links below:

Topic: My Meeting


  • April 5, 2020, 11:00 am. Pacific Time (US and Canada)
  • April 12, 2020, 11:00 am. (Theme: Online Yoga and Baking Challenge)

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Join Zoom Meeting at

Meeting ID: 490 556 357
Password: 846013

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