Rise and shine

What does it feel like when you run around or jump up and down?

How many different ways can you move your body?

Physical activity makes your heart beat fast, pumps fresh blood to your legs, fingers, toes, keeps your body healthy, and helps give you the energy to do the things you love. Moving your body also makes you sick less often, makes you feel happier, helps you focus in school, wakes you up in the morning, and helps you sleep at night.

Morning Wiggle: The only rule is that feet have to stay on the ground.  Be as creative as possible with your movements while standing in place!

Arise and ————-?

God called people to – Arise and do something different!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come” (Isaiah 60:1).

How might you “rise and shine”?  When you are walking/running outside you could

  • Smile and say “Hi” to as many people as possible
  • Bend down and pick-up garbage [ might be a good idea to wear protective gloves]

Arise & Jump

Perhaps you could organize a sponsored event e.g. jump-a-thon.  See how many jumping jacks you can do in 15 minutes.  Then you could ask people to sponsor you and the money raised support a local food program.

Zoom Meet-up

For details of the next meet-up please contact Hastings Withers hastingswithers68@gmail.com