Children’s Book List

Child's finger pointing at page of story bookJust like adults, children are curious about big questions, such as: Who made the world? Why am I here? How can I help people? Why do people die? Where is heaven?

We think it’s important for people of all ages to explore these questions. With children, a story can be a good place to start.

Here’s a list of children’s books we like to use at Beach United Church:

Book List for Exploring Spirituality with Children (PDF)

Most of the books on this list are illustrated stories, suitable for reading aloud or for young readers to read on their own. They’re organized by topic, but the topics are simply suggestions. A good story can prompt discussions about all kinds of things!

When discussing a story with children, simple, open-ended questions are best. How did the story make them feel? What part did they like the best?

Children will engage with a story at whatever level they are ready for. They often dig more deeply into a story than we’d expect. You may find that children are grappling with bigger issues and concepts than you’d realized.

We are always excited to learn about other good books for children. If you have a book we should know about, please let us know! Contact the church office or share your suggestions on Beach United’s Facebook page.

[Photo on this page by Melanie Holtsman via Creative Commons]