Brenda Degilio hand-delivered to Beach United a parcel of sweater/vests made by her devoted group of  knitters in Meaford and Markham


Congratulations, all you busy knitters and crocheters who have emailed details of your latest projects, with photos of everything from blankets to tiny cats. And let’s send kind thoughts to two groups of satellite knitters who delivered shipments in February. Here’s a little summary:

Leigh Bowser has spent what she describes as  “cosy hours” trying to use up scrap yarn. The results include half a dozen baby hats, a handful of finger puppets and two cuddly kittens

Harriet Schalk only has the lamb to finish for the Nativity scene she has been working on (with inspiration from her sister and our  Sally Evans). Harriet is also piecing together a log cabin baby quilt and is looking ahead to our first meeting in the spring, maybe in her garden. 

Barb Rafuse and her loyal knitters at Georgian Downs couriered two boxes of vests and blankets in their annual shipment.

Claire Fortier has completed three blankets and is working on prayer shawls for St. Aidan’s. She’s also waiting for a delivery of yarn to start a cardigan for her husband Don.

Every stitch counts

Pat Davies

About  our Knitting Group

Since 2008 a core group of about 40 women at Beach United Church and the surrounding community have been knitting for children who live in countries where daytime hot temperatures turn cold at night. These conditions are not only uncomfortable but increase the risk of respiratory diseases. Through the next decade we have been joined by a number of “satellite knitters” from southern Ontario, other provinces and as far away as England and France. They are relatives and friends of our core group, along with other generous knitters who have found us online. We frequently receive their parcels (sometimes anonymously) of wonderful blankets, vests, and hats to add to our efforts. In May we decorate Beach United with all the bounty, which is blessed on Mother’s Day, then delivered to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse for distribution around the world.  In 2019, we donated a total of 1,500 handknit and crocheted items.

A Poem About Knitting

One of our founding members wrote this poem on a cold winter’s day

In Praise of Knitting – by Clara McDaniel
When dark days are long and icy winds blow,
And the weatherman says we are getting snow,
I sit by my window, all comfy and fit,
And knit.
When in a dark mood and things go wrong,
Nerves are frazzled, frustrations abound.
My endurance has ended, and I’m in a snit,
I knit.
When babies in places that are drafty, we’re told
Need warm woollen clothing to keep out the cold.
To help those in need, we do our own bit,
We knit.

Our group knits and crochets about 1,500 children’s sweaters/vests, hats, blankets, and toys a year for the charity Canadian Food for Children. The charity, completely run by volunteers, ships a container a day of food, clothing, and medicine to 22 of the poorest countries around the world.  Our group’s motto is “Every stitch counts” and we welcome anyone who wants an opportunity to make a difference in the world.  At the monthly meetings we chat, eat, drink coffee, laugh and exchange stories on knitting successes and challenges.

New members and donated yarn are always welcome! Yes, we supply lessons, yarn, and needles. For more information contact Pat Davies at 416-389-6611 or


Vests should be knitted with sleeves, for additional warmth. Here is the recommended pattern:

Additional patterns:

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