Meeting Update

The group usually meets at Beach United Church on a Saturday morning. To attend in person proof of full vaccination and masking is required. To find out more, please contact Pat Davies

Previous meetings

Twenty-four of us gathered in Harriet’s garden on Saturday, September 11 in a celebration of yarn, finished projects, seeing each other’s faces again and stories of coping and resilience during the pandemic (see photos below).

What a treat! Thank you to Harriet and Claire for their work in organizing and keeping everyone safe. The three of us soon will be counting up all the blankets, sweaters, hats and toys that the group brought with them. It’s quite an impressive pile. I’ll email out the final count that will include the many bags currently in Sally’s and Leigh’s basements.

 Five people volunteered to help transfer the mountain of knitting and crocheting to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse on Oct. 6. Jeanene Luckhart, our CFFC contact, and her fellow volunteers will be on hand to either load it into the day’s shipping container or store portions for future shipments. I’ll include the final destinies in the next email.

 Our next meeting will be on Saturday, October 16 and we don’t know the location yet. Harriet has volunteered her garden again but the weather in mid-October is unpredictable. Given current pandemic restrictions, Beach United may be able to accommodate 15 of us in our usual meeting room.

I’ll keep you posted when we have more information. Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts.

Every stitch (and finally, a delivery!) counts

Pat Davies [ coordinator]

More Updates

Here’s a new book for  some post (we hope) – pandemic reading:  Unravellng Canada: A Knitting Odyssey. Historian and knitter Sylvia Olsen crossed the country and stopped at over 40 destinations to hold workshops and exchange experiences with other knitters. Their colourful stories about  knitting uncover many perspectives on Canada’s history, landscape, economic and social issues. 

Every stitch counts

Pat Davies

About  our Knitting Group

Since 2008 a core group of about 40 women at Beach United Church and the surrounding community have been knitting for children who live in countries where daytime hot temperatures turn cold at night. These conditions are not only uncomfortable but increase the risk of respiratory diseases. Through the next decade we have been joined by a number of “satellite knitters” from southern Ontario, other provinces and as far away as England and France. They are relatives and friends of our core group, along with other generous knitters who have found us online. We frequently receive their parcels (sometimes anonymously) of wonderful blankets, vests, and hats to add to our efforts. In May we decorate Beach United with all the bounty, which is blessed on Mother’s Day, then delivered to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse for distribution around the world.  In 2019, we donated a total of 1,500 handknit and crocheted items.

A Poem About Knitting

One of our founding members wrote this poem on a cold winter’s day

In Praise of Knitting – by Clara McDaniel
When dark days are long and icy winds blow,
And the weatherman says we are getting snow,
I sit by my window, all comfy and fit,
And knit.
When in a dark mood and things go wrong,
Nerves are frazzled, frustrations abound.
My endurance has ended, and I’m in a snit,
I knit.
When babies in places that are drafty, we’re told
Need warm woollen clothing to keep out the cold.
To help those in need, we do our own bit,
We knit.

Our group knits and crochets about 1,500 children’s sweaters/vests, hats, blankets, and toys a year for the charity Canadian Food for Children. The charity, completely run by volunteers, ships a container a day of food, clothing, and medicine to 22 of the poorest countries around the world.  Our group’s motto is “Every stitch counts” and we welcome anyone who wants an opportunity to make a difference in the world.  At the monthly meetings we chat, eat, drink coffee, laugh and exchange stories on knitting successes and challenges.

New members and donated yarn are always welcome! Yes, we supply lessons, yarn, and needles. For more information contact Pat Davies at 416-389-6611 or


Vests should be knitted with sleeves, for additional warmth. Here is the recommended pattern:

Additional patterns:

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