Knitting Group

Knitting for Shivering Children

Our knitting group knits thousands of warm vests and blankets that the charity Canadian Food For Children sends to impoverished families around the world. Whether you are a beginner knitter or an expert, you’ll enjoy this lively group that offers friendly conversation, encouragement and an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

New members are always welcome! Knitting lessons, yarn, needles and patterns will be provided if you need them.

For more information, contact Pat Davies at 416-465-3081 or

2019 Meeting Dates

All meetings are from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays unless otherwise noted.

  • January 12
  • February 9
  • March 16
  • April – TBA
  • May 11 (displaying the vests in the church for Mother’s Day)

Knitting Patterns

Vests should be knitted with sleeves, for additional warmth. Here is the recommended pattern:

Alternate patterns:

About the Knitting Group

In 2008, about 20 women from Beach United Church and the surrounding community responded to the call to knit vests for shivering children. These “pneumonia vests” keep children in hot climates warm at night when the temperature drops, reducing their risk of illness. The group met monthly to finish as many vests as they could by Mother’s Day.

Since then, the group has grown with many new members, as well as a network of relatives and friends who are also quietly knitting vests and blankets in their homes. Bundles of colourful knitting arrive regularly at the church. Stashes of yarn are donated too, providing a steady supply for the thousands of vests and blankets knitted by the group. 

The vests and blankets are displayed and blessed at Beach United’s worship service on Mother’s Day before being delivered to Canadian Food for Children, an international non-profit organization that ships containers of food, clothes and medical supplies to Africa and South America.

A Poem About Knitting

One of our knitting group members was inspired to write this poem:

In Praise of Knitting – by Clara McDaniel

When dark days are long and icy winds blow,
And the weatherman says we are getting more snow,
I sit by my window, all comfy and fit,
And knit.

When in a dark mood and things go wrong;
Nerves are frazzled, frustrations abound.
My endurance has ended, and I’m in a snit,
I knit.

When babies in places that are drafty, we’re told,
Need warm woollen clothing to keep out the cold.
To help those in need, we do our own bit,
We knit.

Knitted vests on display in the church
Knitted vests on display in Beach United Church in 2014