Beach United Church offers a highly flexible space including a commercial kitchen, multiple meeting rooms and a Great Hall with a sophisticated AV system and acclaimed acoustics. Available Yamaha grand piano and Guibault-Therien pipe organ. Ideal for weddings, funerals, meetings, rehearsals and is an intimate performance venue.

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Available space

Great Hall: 58’ x 43’ / capacity 250
Meeting Room 1: 30’ x 28’ (main floor) / capacity 50
Meeting Room 2: 20’ x 28’ (main floor) / capacity 30
Meeting Room 1 & 2: 50’ x 28’ (main floor) / capacity 80
Meeting Room 3: 17’ x 19’ (second floor) / capacity 30
Lounge: 14’ x 18’ (main floor) / capacity 8
Commercial Kitchen

Current rental clients: Toronto Beach Corale, Hoopers Pharmacy, Camino Pilgrims, Fun With Music Together, Beach Guild, Orpheus Choir, Williamson Road Public School, Canadian Blood Services, Brickworks Lego Summer School, Beach Photo Club, City of Toronto, Rotary Club, Beaches East York

Insurance Policy
Beach United Church requires of all its renters a copy of users’ liability insurance policies or insurance certificates confirming that appropriate insurance coverage, in the amount of at least $2M against property damage and liability is in effect. If using the Church’s facilities on a regular long-term basis (eg. weekly for more than one month) the Licensee must arrange to have the Church and The United Church of Canada added as additional named co-insured on its insurance policy.

If you are seeking insurance for a private meeting or event, you are invited to obtain coverage through the insurance company of the United Church of Canada.

Third Party Event Liability (HUB International)
Within the application you will be asked for a “Church Covernote #” which is 0729.

Forward a copy of your insurance certificate to