“It’s Pride month, didn’t you know?”

Why do we need Pride?

June is Pride month in Toronto and Beach United Church is proud to support 2SLGBTQ+ people as they advocate and celebrate during this time. And yet, some still ask the question: Why do we need Pride?

Toronto Pride has become a staple of many people’s summer schedule. We are blessed in our Toronto context to be able to freely gather and be our authentic selves in public settings. I was deeply moved at the beginning of this month as I left church around the same time as students were walking down Wineva Ave from Williamson Public School to Queen St. Two school children were happily waving Pride flags as they came to the corner of Queen. I was walking just behind then and marvelling at how cool it was to see that representation in our local community. A person walking past them inquired as to why there were waving the Pride flag. It was not a demanding question, or a hostile question, just a query as part of friendly engagement. The response gripped my heart:

“It’s Pride month, didn’t you know?”

As the child was seven or so, I suspect that underneath that the response might have been tinged with a bit of – “well duh silly adult, you are so clueless” but it warmed my heart to see that the future may indeed be in good hands.

That is why we need Pride.

There are still many places in our world, and sadly in places much closer to home where people continue to be ostracized, and have violence visited upon them simply for being their authentic self. Christianity often gets painted into the category of oppressor when it comes to the 2SLGBTQ+ community and that makes sense given the intentional exclusion visited upon people in churches throughout history.

Know that this church – Beach United Church – seeks to be intentional in offering a path of public, intentional, and explicit inclusion of 2SLGBTQ+ people in the membership and leadership of this community. This intentional stance extends to the broader church through our Regional Church entity – Shining Waters Region. You can find out more about supports and resources here Affirming Communities – Shining Waters

If you are still in doubt as to the powerful need to be intentional in this work, take time to look at this article from Amnesty International. It is dated 2015 and so some may say it is out of date, but the sad reality is that the content of the article remains current and perhaps even more urgent in light of world events. 5 reasons why Prides matter – Amnesty International

We look forward to welcoming you in our community and we look forward to sharing Pride with you not just in June, but every day of the year.

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