Be happy like Pharrell Williams, the Happy song man. Listen, watch, smile and maybe dance a little! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs

One of my happy BUC memories is at the Spring Fling and the choir singing Pharrell Williams song “Happy”. I got in on the action by dancing to the music, it is so infectious; your body just wants to move. As we know life is not always happy, but we can choose how we feel, which is what Pharrell Williams is singing about in this verse -
Here come bad news talking this and that (yeah),
Well, give me all you got, and don't hold it back (yeah),
Well, I should probably warn you, you'll be just fine (yeah),
No offense to you, don't waste your time,
Here's why, Because I'm happy.

This idea of choosing to be happy despite what life throws at you is also expressed by a writer whose name we don’t know - Be happy not because everything is good but because you can see the good in everything.

Let’s spread a little happiness,
Karen Dale, in ministry with Beach United Church

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Sunday Worship Video: July 25th, exploring the theme “Tapestry of Life”. Worship leaders – Karen Dale [minister] & Steven Webb [music director]. Hear and consider one of the 94 Calls to Action from The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
The video will be posted by 12 noon Sat July 10, on the website & Facebook

What is racial justice? Read two quotes; one from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the other from Jesse Thistle.
Jesse Thistle is the author of “From the Ashes”; #1 internationally bestselling and award-winning memoir about overcoming trauma, prejudice, and addiction. He is a Métis-Cree and writes of his struggles to find a way back to himself and his Indigenous roots.
Here is the link https://beachunitedchurch.com/2021/07/racial-justice

Children & Youth: Interested in attending the “Youth GO Project” for G7-11 from August 16-21, at Eglinton St. Georges United Church? Click for details - https://beachunitedchurch.com/children-and-youth-initiatives

August 1st, Peaceful Solidarity Walk: In Honour of the 215+ Children will be an Indigenous-led walk down St. Clair Ave W, that will begin with folks gathering 10:30AM at the Santa Chiara Parkette (St. Clair West – just east of Dufferin), and at 11AM those in attendance will walk down to Wells Hills Park at St. Clair West – just west of Bathurst. Organized by Germaine Catchpole.

Calling All Jam, Jelly and Pickle Makers!
If you're making preserves this summer, why not set some aside to donate to Beach United's Christmas Market? It takes place in November and we're still planning the details, but we know that homemade jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys and pickles always sell fast.
A few things to keep in mind:
* All preserves must be shelf stable (no fridge pickles or freezer jams).
* We can't store them at the church so please keep them at home for now.
* Have extra canning jars? Or do you need canning jars?
Contact Leigh Bowser (647 449 8332) to make arrangements to drop off or pick up donated empty jars. (Please don't bring them to the church.)

Gardening Group
The group currently meets outside the church at 140 Wineva Avenue on Saturday’s from 9.30 to 10.30 am. Contact Matthew Canaran at mattcanaran@gmail.com.
To learn more CLICK HERE

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