Confronting Racism in our Churches

The United Church of Canada is committed to having the tough conversations that are needed to
confront systemic racism in our country. Many Canadians continue to experience violence, oppression,
and discrimination simply by virtue of their cultural heritage or the colour of their skin. As people of
faith we commit to digging deeply into the privilege afforded many who do not have these racialize

To learn more about our commitment please watch this video

It is incumbent upon privileged populations to educate themselves about what racism looks like and
what we can do to support those who are experiencing it. You can get some good ideas here:

Having Awkward Conversations


Beach United Church is committed to Racial Justice and part of that work is education and learning. Please consider reading a book from the list that we have prepared:

Racial Justice Reading List

The United Church of Canada offers additional resources and ways for you to educate yourself around
this important work. Find out more at the United Church of Canada.


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