Connecting with our spiritual selves is very important in this time of uncertainty. The content on this page is updated regularly and can be used on Sunday as part of your worship experience or at any other time.

Karen Dale, minister

Daring Change

A new worship theme “Daring Change – Jesus the change-maker”, begins on January 10th and runs for six weeks until February 14th.

Sunday Worship Jan 24

Click the link below to hear the recorded video of this worship service, plus communion.

This weeks Jesus story

Tax collectors have never been popular, and the first century was no exception. When Jesus went to eat with such a despicable character, there was consternation from some religious leaders. 

Find a bible or search on-line and read the story of Jesus the change-maker, which is found in Mark 2:13-17.

Or click here to read Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase.


Gracious God, you meet us in unexpected places –

            in light glinting in a puddle,

            in uncomfortable experiences,

            in the shifting sands of change.

In these shared moments, may our hearts open to your presence, so that we may be stirred to be a part of compassionate transformation.

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