Energy fields

Connecting with our spiritual selves is very important in this time of uncertainty. On this page you will find different opportunities to nurture your spirit and stimulate your mind; as you care for your health and the well-being of others.

Week of May 31

Let us pray. 
Compassionate Spirit of Life,
may my face show kindness.
May my thoughts reinforce the celebration of difference.
May my heart send out love to strengthen the energy field of compassion. May my acts of love become healing for all.

Spirit of Pentecost

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Reflection “Spirit of Compassion” by Karen Dale
with music by Steve Cooke – “Spirit Open my heart”  More Voices #79
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Hymn “Spirit Open my heart”  More Voices #79.
Spirit open my heart, to the joy and pain of living.
As you love, may I love, in receiving and in giving. 
Spirit open my heart.

God replace my stony heart, with a  heart that’s kind and tender.
All my coldness and fear, to your grace I now surrender.
Spirit open my heart.

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