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Karen Dale, minister

“Forty Days & Forty Nights”

We are in the season of Lent, exploring the worship theme “Forty Days & Forty Nights”: a time of temptation and test.

March 7th Worship Video – led by Karen Dale [minister] and Steven Webb [music director].

Artist: Stanley Spencer

This weeks biblical story

Matthew 4: 1-4

Temptation in the Wired Wilderness by Holly Ordway

Our Lord spent forty days and forty nights

Resisting Satan in the wilderness.

We picture barren rocks and sand;

we might add in a scrubby tree or two.

I guess that’s where temptation ought to come,

so we can see it from at least a mile away,

And be prepared, with Bibles, church retreats,

And exhortations to stand firm.

Instead it wounds with cuts too small to see,

In this our wired wilderness.

We play and work in deserts of the digital:

Abuzz with locust-noise of clicks and tweets

And filled with lonely crowds. Our enemy

Is faced and fought right here, or not at all.

Blessing Prayer

Let us say

this blessing is not leaving you,

is not abandoning you to the wild that lies ahead,

but that it is loathe to load you down

on this road where you will need to travel light.

Let us say

perhaps this blessing became the path beneath your feet,

the desert that stretched before you, the clear sight that finally came.

Let us say

that when this blessing at last came to its end,

all it left behind was bread, wine, a fleeting flash of wing.

 –Jan Richardson

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