Sing Noel!

Connecting with our spiritual selves is very important in this time of uncertainty. The content on this page is updated regularly and can be used on Sunday as part of your worship experience or at any other time.

Ancient biblical story

Many of the stories found in the Christian scriptures have roots back into the Hebrew Scriptures. O Come, O Come Emmanuel also takes stories from Hebrew scripture and connects them to Jesus, following the writer of the gospel of Matthew who wanted to show that Jesus was the promised Messiah, “God with us”.

Read the following passages and see how similar they are.

Isaiah 7:13-14 & Matthew 1:18-23 

Video “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

The Piano Guys – piano/cello

The healing power of music

l am a Critical Care Nurse and didn’t know what else to do for my client.  I asked if l should play a piece of music because music is therapeutic and the answer was yes.  Played this heavenly music ” O Come, O Come Emmanuel” on my mobile phone and behold miracle happened.  Client slept like a child where all sedatives failed

Advent prayer & candle lighting

In this Advent of expectation

draw us together in hope,

that the Holy spark within

might be the song we sing,

and become the melody of our lives.

Light a candle of hope

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