Hear what our members have to say!

“Thursday rehearsals and Sunday presentations are very rewarding. Participants of a variety of musical skills are made to feel welcome and involved” 

“I’ve been singing with the choir, first at Bellefair, then at Beach, for the past thirty-five years. It’s a part of my life! It makes me happy. I’m proud to participate in the creation of a lovely sound as part of the Worship Service at Beach United Church.”

“Choir, for me, is a great place to release a lot of positive spiritual energy; it’s also a time when I experience the joy and discipline of singing with others. I find the sound of music to be very healing. When one is engaged in the process of making music, the healing takes on a special character. Choir is good for my soul.”

“The friendships and fun among others who love to sing is an experience unlike any other, and raising our voices in song and hearing them ‘ring around’ us is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Our voice may be tiny alone, but when blended with others it’s a joyful experience.” 



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