Beach United Church is a founding member of The Beach Cares (TBC), Syrian Refugee sponsorship
program, which was founded in 2015.  The Beach Cares is a joint project of Beach United Church,
The Anglican Church of St. Aidan and members of the local community.

Since the establishment of The Beach Cares, we have completed our sponsorship of two families
from Syria and a third sponsorship of a young Syrian woman.

Most recently, we supported the young Syrian woman to reunite in Canada with her brother and his
Ukrainian wife. The young Syrian man had lived in Ukraine until the invasion by Russia in 2022.
We are now anticipating the arrival from Lebanon of the parents and siblings of the young man and
his sister.

In addition to direct sponsorships, The Beach Cares has assisted a number of other Syrian refugee
families with various settlement challenges.

Volunteers with The Beach Cares continue to provide support to the people that we have sponsored
after the ending of the formal sponsorship programs.

The work of The Beach Cares is supported financially through fundraisers and generous donations
from the community.

If you’d like to support Beach Cares financially please consider making a donation at the St. Aidan’s donation site. Please designate your gift for The Beach Cares.

The Beach Cares welcomes volunteers to support the ongoing refugee work – please click here

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