Exterior of Beach United Church at 140 Wineva Ave. in Toronto

Beach United Church was formed in 2007 by the amalgamation of two congregations: Bellefair United (at 2 Bellefair Avenue) and Kew Beach United (at 140 Wineva Avenue). 

After the amalgamation, Beach United sold the Bellefair Avenue building in 2009. Renovations to the Wineva Avenue building by Black & Moffat, Architects began in 2012 and were completed in 2013.

A group of Beach United volunteers oversaw the renovations with the goal of creating a building that: 

  • reflects the vision and values of Beach United Church 
  • meets the current and future needs of the congregation and the wider community 
  • is welcoming and spiritually uplifting, encouraging a sense of community and responding to the needs of our neighbours 
  • is more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable than the existing building 
  • is accessible for people of all ages and abilities
Photo by Bernard Weil / Toronto Star. 

Inside Beach United Church, modern LED lighting hangs from the ceiling, one of numerous environmentally conscious elements in the renovated space, which will also feature the biggest solar power array on any house of worship in the city.

Environmental features in the building include:

  • Solar panels on the south-facing roof convert the sun’s energy into electricity which is fed into the Toronto Hydro grid. Operation of the solar program is the responsibility of the Solar Energy for Beach Cooperative Inc. (SEBCI), a non-profit, renewable energy co-operative with members from Beach United and the local community.
  • Large windows throughout the building reduce the need to turn on lights during the day. When the sun is too hot, exterior mesh blinds on the upper south windows lower automatically.
  • An energy efficient heating/cooling system divides the building into zones, so we can choose to heat/cool only the spaces being used.
  • The parking lot’s permeable surface absorbs water into a thick bed of gravel, helping to reduce flooding and sewage back-ups after heavy rainfalls (learn more here).
  • Bike racks and electric vehicle chargers encourage alternatives to traditional gas-fuelled vehicles.

For more information about our building:
HOMe project renovation fact sheet (PDF)

Toronto Star, September 26th, 2013
Green renovation transforms Beach United into a welcoming neighbourhood place

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