Location: NE corner of church property, close to Wineva Ave, at the bottom of the slope.

The Ontario government website lists the hoptree as a native Southern Ontario tree at risk.  It used to line the lakefronts, including all around Lake Erie. It is an important source of nectar for many insects, bees and butterflies, and source of food for the larvae of swallowtail butterflies. 

Initially planted by long-time congregation member Sally Evans along the south wall of the church, it was moved after storm damage to this location along the east wall, where it has thrived and flowered vigorously for the first time in summer 2023.

The storm damage is still visible in that the main stem is dying back, and all life is on what was a secondary stem.

Other plants in this area:
The slope presented a particularly difficult planting situation when the garden was first developed, covered with construction waste and poor drainage.  Since then, the two ground covers, cotoneaster and evergreen euonymus have stabilized the soil. 

Wild rose and sumac growing over the ground cover, give colourful displays in early summer and late fall respectively.

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