Our Minister 

Karen Dale, Minister  
(416) 691-8082 ext. 26 / karen@beachuc.com

Hello, my name is Karen Dale.  I have seen many changes during my time in ministry with Beach United Church but now we are well settled in a beautifully renovated building.  I love sharing space with others in our open-plan office where ideas can flow back and forth.  It is a wonderful challenge to help create experiences that nurture our spirits and challenge our thinking.  The best part of being in ministry is meeting interesting people.  So come on by, I’d love to chat! (Read more) 

Our Operations Staff

David Lewis, Operations and Rentals Manager
(416) 691-8082 ext. 22 / operations@beachuc.com

I love my job and consider it a privilege to be working at Beach United.  As the Operations Manager, I’m responsible for maintaining the church building, supporting our administration team, and managing our rentals program.  Prior to coming to Beach United, I worked as a Director of Facilities in the not-for-profit sector. In my spare time I enjoy reading, cycling, roughing it up north, and blogging.

Cate Duff, Office Administrator
(416) 691-8082 ext. 0 / office@beachuc.com

Our Programming Staff

Steven Webb, Director of Music

Originally from South Africa, Steven Webb (b.1989) is a Toronto based composer,
and performer. His current compositional work is concerned with examining the
human experience, with the disorientation, confusion, and dread that arises from
living in a world dealing with a climate crisis, growing conflict, and marginalization
towards minority groups, and the increasing isolation of the individual in spite of
our hyper-connectivity.

His compositions and arrangements have been performed by The Winnipeg
Symphony Orchestra, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Thin Edge Music
Collective, The University of Guelph Symphonic Choir, The Hamilton Children’s
Choir, Exultate Chamber Singers, Prairie Voices, among many others.


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