Our Garden in the Spring


We have a wonderful garden that is maintained by volunteers from Beach United and the community. Our goal is to increase the biodiversity of our green space by planting and nurturing native species and pollinator plants. We have two accessible garden planters which have been used to plant vegetables in the past allowing people with mobility devices and wheelchairs to participate in gardening activities. 

The garden is maintained by a group of volunteers who meet bi-weekly. No experience is required, both experienced gardeners and beginners are welcome!

Our first planning session of 2024 will be taking place on Thursday, May 23rd at 9am in our lounge. Please feel free to stop by to provide your input, as we decide on a schedule and set our priorities for the season. Our summer schedule will be posted shared afterwards!


Hastings Withers (Hastings@withers.ca)

Garden Tour

We also have a Garden Tour up on our website that we will be adding to and updating as the seasons change.

Garden Tour Stop 1
Garden Tour Stop 2
Garden Tour Stop 3

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