Seeking Justice for People

Out of the Cold Program

In collaboration with Dixon Hall, a full Out of the Cold program runs on Monday evenings from November to April.  There are 22 spots for guests to sleep-over but anyone is welcome to come for supper.  This program is made possible by committed volunteers from BUC, St. Aidan’s & the wider community.

Interfaith Lunch Program

This program is hosted at BUC on Thursdays from October through to May.  Between 60-80 guests are served a  variety of healthy and tasty food every week, including special holiday meals.

Knitting for Shivering Children

Join the circle to create vests, blankets, hats & toys for children vulnerable to pneumonia.  Items sent around the world by Canadian Food for Children. Beginners welcome and yarn is gratefully received.

Contact Pat Davies:

The Beach Cares

Beach Cares is a joint project of BUC, St. Aidan’s & the community, the purpose of which is to sponsor refugee families from Syria.  To date, the group has directly sponsored 2 families and supported 3 other families who came into the country through government sponsorship.

Hold on, we do a lot more! Check out our environmental initiatives by visiting the Seeking Justice for the Earth page here. 

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