Board Approved 06/14/2022

Ministry and Outreach Events

  • Namely: Worship Services, Choir Practice, Knitting for Shivering Children and Thursday Lunch Program
  • Proof of Vaccination is required. We will maintain records of those who have previously provided proof so that we will not be required to check everyone every time they enter the building. Folks who have previously provided Proof of Vaccination will be “grandparented” in based on our records as of the effective date.
  • The use of Eventbrite to book a spot at these events is discontinued. (Rationale – this measure was instituted to ensure that attendance did not exceed approved participant level of 50. Practical experience has proven that, at this time, this is not a concern.)
  • For contract tracing purposes records will be kept of:
    • Attendees, PoV, Date of events
    • Such records will be removed after six weeks (Rationale – past incubation period)
  • Administration will convert hand records to digital records on a weekly basis.
  • Participants are required to wear KN95 masks or equivalent and to practice safe social distancing protocols.
  • Signage concerning these points will be posted at the entrance by the event leader or their designate.
    • By entering the Church, you confirm
    • Proof of Vaccination
    • Willingness to follow masking and social distancing protocols
  • Rental events are not to be held at times that coincide with Ministry and Outreach Events.

Tenants and Rental Events

  • The onus is placed on the event holder to set the protocols for their individual events.
  • Rental Events cannot over occur in times scheduled for Ministry and Outreach Events.
  • If there is conflict, on protocols, between two Rental Groups they are encouraged to work it out between themselves. If there is an impasse and the Operations Manager needs to get involved we will default to the group closest to the Ministry & Outreach protocols.
  • Event holders must sign an addendum to their rental agreement asserting that, from a COVID spread perspective, they, and not the Church, are responsible for the protocols they have established.