Mid-July greetings!

We hope that folks are encouraged by Stage Three opening and the additional opportunities it represents to connect with people and resume some of the activities that have been on hold for longer than anyone could have imagined. Hopefully everyone has had the opportunity (or will soon) to receive their second vaccination.

The Board and the Operations Advisory Group are in the process of determining when and how the church will re-open for in person activities including worship, rentals and regularly scheduled programs. As you can appreciate this requires careful consideration of the required protocols that will still need to be in place and what it will mean to balance the success of our virtual offerings with the benefits of being able to once again come together as a community of faith. Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

Budget wise we are pleased to announce that due to higher than anticipated fundraising revenue last month our financial situation remains stable. With the anticipated return to being onsite this will have a positive impact with respect to events and rentals that also contribute to the church’s financial bottom line.

Jo-Anne LaForty is hard at work organizing Jazz and Reflection to resume in the fall and we are really excited to once again receive gifts of music that inspire and nourish our musical souls.

The search committee to hire a minister for next year is now underway. Committee members are: Lynne Fulcher, Karen Watson, Brenda Rundle, Mary Anne Lemm, Paul Cramer & Nanci Harris. However input is being sought from a wide array of our community including animators and staff so please feel free to share your thoughts.

As always we welcome your input and suggestions which can be sent to:

Summer wishes everyone!
Brian, Barry, David & Nanci

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