In person worship

The return to in person worship is being given careful thought and we need your input. We are considering offering in person worship in late October if it is safe to do so. The livestream worship will continue for those who prefer this option.

The Policies & Procedures document approved by the Board, states that -
Beach United Church is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all who use the space. To that end we strongly encourage anyone who enters the building to be fully vaccinated to minimize risk to self and others.


Would you attend in person worship, with safety protocols in place such as masking, distancing, limited numbers and hygiene practices?

Please reply to this email with your response and any other comments you would like to share.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Paul Dowling, Christine McMulkin, Hastings Withers [ ministry animators]
Karen Dale, Steven Webb [ ministry staff]

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