A note to members of Beach United Church

and those interested in our work

We’re into a reset! After the Covid ride we’ve all been on over the past almost-two years, Beach United is cautiously resuming our full activities. In-person worship on Sundays and Jazz and Reflection on Saturdays have returned, community groups are meeting here again, music programs are expanding, social justice groups are invigorated, and our environmental initiatives are growing. On top of all this change, we are saying good-bye to Karen Dale and her rich legacy of ministry over almost 15 years, and welcoming Rev. Greg Daly on Feb. 1.

We need your help as we enter this new phase. Our volunteer ranks have thinned as people dealt with personal and professional challenges during Covid. At the top of the list we have three spaces to fill on our Board of Directors and we’re asking if you could consider filling one of those spots. Before you stop reading, here’s some information that may address any hesitation. The time commitment is 2-3 hours each month. One hour is spent at a monthly meeting that rarely goes more than 60 minutes, with another hour spent reviewing material that helps us make informed decisions on issues such as plans for new programs, use of the building, staffing, and budgets. You will have an opportunity to exercise your organizational and people skills, meet new friends and make a difference in the life of our church and wider community. Don’t feel qualified? We have resources to help you train as a board member.

Piqued your interest? Call or email Barry Watson at (416-471-2778) or Nanci Harris at (416-708-3081) for more information. And stay tuned.
We’re going to be announcing more volunteer opportunities at the beginning of the year.

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