draft of fish
Hello everyone. This is Greg Daly and I want to say thank you for the heartfelt welcome I have received here as your new minister at Beach United Church. Cate, David, Steven, and so many others have made this first week a fun journey as we navigate the technology and related considerations of transition.
MOST IMPORTANTLY… this week is all about welcome! There are numerous ways we can engage this conversation.
  1. We are welcoming a new month;
  2. we are welcoming a new chapter in Jesus’ ministry in the lectionary; and
  3. we are welcoming a new minister in our midst.
We will address those in reverse order: third thing first…
I arrived on February 1 and am jumping right into engage with services and programs that are essential to the life of this place. There is much for me to learn and experience as I get to know you as a community and as individuals. While we continue to be cautious with pandemic protocols I look forward to the time where we can physically see and interact with each other. That time will come! In the interim I will be looking for ways to reach out to groups and people in creative ways that help us to get to know each other. (more to come on those opportunities soon)
I could give you a long recitation of my past, (and that is easy to find if you would like to know more) but for now I will focus on my excitement to be with you after a time of anticipation and preparation. If you have ideas that you would like to share; concerns that are pressing; creativity that you would like to engage; challenges that you want to advance – well – all those things are good and important. Please feel free to connect with me in ways that make sense for you. I look forward to your input and building relationships together.

You can reach me through the church office; at my direct line: 647-496-8108; by email at greg@beachuc.com; and on Facebook through my account - Revgregdaly Beachuc

This new journey that we are on together promises to be a great adventure and we encourage you to connect with me as we live into our time together.
Still working backward, second thing next…

This week the theme of the biblical readings (also known as the lectionary) is Jesus continuing ministry in Palestine. He is making friends as he travels through the countryside and in story this week we hear about the call of his followers in unlikely circumstances. If you are a keener and would like a hint as to where we will take this week’s service, check out the lectionary document.
“Draft of Fish” the image you see above, is a work by Peter Koenig a British Artist focusing on biblical painting who offers this interpretation of Jesus’ call to his followers. You can learn more about Koenig’s art at: Christian art | Peter W Koenig Catholic Artist

And finally, first things last…
Yes, we are welcoming a new month – it is February – and as of writing, Wiarton Willie says it will be an early spring… let’s hope.

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