Jean Augustine

What's in a name?

I live close to a beautiful little oasis in the in the west end of city named "Jean Augustine Park". When I first moved into the area I wondered who Jean Augustine was and later learned she was an MP. A summer festival and concert was held in the park a few years ago which was opened by Jean: I didn't get to see her but I could feel the buzz of excitement.

It was not until recently I learned that the Hon Jean Augustine was the first black Canadian woman to become an MP, and in 1995 she started the celebration of Black History Month here in Canada. Wow!

Walking past the park you have no idea of the achievements of this awesome woman who gave her name to this green space. I am tempted to post a notice on the park sign with some information about her.

In these deeply troubling times, after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, with horrific stories of racism in our city surfacing almost every day; it is important to know each other's names. We would benefit from knowing the life stories behind the names which are on buildings, roads, statues and parks across our city. Names such as Henry Dundas, who was involved in delaying the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, causing more than half a million more Black people to be enslaved in the British Empire.

Whether or not you think Dundas Street should be re-named, I believe it is important to know the story behind the name. In that way we can tell different stories and lift up other names that are little known but which exemplify the values of inclusion, diversity and celebration of all people.

Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with BUC]

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