Clean Air

The air we breathe

Here’s a way we can each make a difference in cleaning the air we breathe.

Life on planet earth is in the midst of a climate emergency, caused by excessive emissions of carbon dioxide. Science tells us that emissions of carbon dioxide must be reduced immediately, and many, many people are changing their lives to help Canada meet its emission-reduction targets.

But did you know that the Government of Ontario is planning to increase its reliance on methane-fired electricity generation sources? Currently, Ontario’s electricity planners are forecasting an increase of more than 300% in gas-plant pollution by 2030 if the Province goes ahead with its plan.

In response to this, City of Toronto Councillors McKelvie and Layton have put the following motion before Toronto City Council:

1. That City Council request the Government of Ontario to develop and implement a plan to phase- out all gas-fired electricity generation as soon as possible to ensure that Toronto has a clear path to achieve our climate action goals.

2. That City Council requests the City Manager to forward this resolution to the Premier of Ontario, the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines and the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Please show your support for this motion by writing to your Councillor. You can do this easily by using a letter prepared by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. Click this link to access the letter and send it directly to your Councillor:

Sending this message to our City Council is something that we each can do right now to protect planet earth. Every positive action counts in cleaning the air we breathe.

And if you take this action, let us know! Send an email to Paul Dowling [] at Beach United’s Environmental Action Group - we’d love to hear from everyone who adds their voice to this cause

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