Greetings during the Polar Vortex!
We hope (as always) you and your family are remaining healthy and safe as we enter a new phase of adapting to some return to leaving the house but mindful of the risks posed by new variants. Continued diligence with wearing our masks (now two layer at least!), social distancing and hand washing remain the recommended practices of the day.

What we want to say as a Board is that we recognize some things are changing but not fast or far enough for some. With your wellbeing our priority we will continue to be cautious about plans to re-open and are focusing on launching alternative activities that create an opportunity to connect safely.

We acknowledge the onset of vaccine hesitancy and the need to stay focused on good infection prevention and control even as restrictions are loosening. And what does all of this mean? Well it has a continued impact on our fundraising activities and goals such that we need to consider alternative ways of generating revenue. Recently the ever popular Mike Daley has made a decision to offer his wonderful musical education events through his own website and will no longer be partnering with Beach. Jazz and Reflection is on hold because many of those musicians do not have the capacity to record and/or broadcast from their homes. These are setbacks but offer us a chance to look at other ways of keeping you engaged and supported.

We continue to take a short term approach to be able to adapt to the evolving changes in our community. It keeps us nimble able to pivot as needed. It always means we want to hear from you and address any concerns you have or welcome your ideas and involvement. You can always reach us at:

We are prepared to anticipate a deficit given the extension of the restricted measures but we remain strong in our belief that when this ends we will rally stronger than ever having learned much about how to communicate virtually and stay connected.
Mark your calendars for Sunday February 28th following church at 11:30 for our Annual Meeting (virtual of course). Use this link on Feb 28@11.30am.

Be well, be safe. Your Board 😊
– Brian, Barry, David & Nanci

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