Lent 2021 FBv2

Skip the ashes?

If ever there was a year to skip over Lent and move right into Easter this would be it. In this time of lock-down and isolation due to a death-dealing virus and made worse by rampant inequality; we long for signs of new life.

My Mom has just come out of lock-down in the retirement community where she lives. She told me about walking through the garden looking to see if any snowdrops were peeking out of the ground. It was too early but still she searched.

It is as if we have been living in a wilderness for a long time and that’s what the phrase “forty days & forty nights” means, a long time. My equivalent of snowdrops reaching for light, are the Sunday’s of Lent. These Sabbath times are not part of the forty days of Lent; they are mini Easters. A time when I hope we will find small pockets of joy that we can nurture; in ourselves and our communities.

It is also good to remember that wild-places [wilderness] team with life and interdependent ecosystems.
Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with BUC]

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Interactive Sunday Session: Feb 21st, 10.30 am via Zoom. Explore Lent theme “Forty Days & Forty Nights”. Here is the link https://zoom.us/j/99648730942?pwd=dkpFNFFDV0VNbjlxTzZJeEs5R0ROQT09

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NEW Beach United Documentary Series: watch "Just Eat It", before Wed Feb 24@8pm, when there will be a discussion via Zoom. Register for Zoom invite with moderator maryanne.alton@sympatico.ca Find out more https://beachunitedchurch.com/2021/02/beach-united-church-documentary-series/

Caring for the Caregiver during Covid: March 6th and 13th, 1.00 – 2.30 pm. This 2-part series offers a soft place to land, inviting you to tend to yourself while tending to others. Led by Christine McMulkin. Please register by March 4th.

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Music for the Soul: “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind, and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole.” — Anonymous

Concert video “Songs of Love” featuring Rashaan Allwood [organist] and Nadine Anyan [soprano]. Available by donation until March 14 through Eventbrite.

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Watch, Ponder, Share: Thursday March 4th & 11th , 7 pm.
Join a facilitated conversation on the previous Sunday’s video, exploring the Lent theme “Forty Days & Forty Nights”, led by Pat Buchanan and Danna Fitton. Contact Karen@beachuc.com for Zoom link.

Lent Challenge: live with respect in creation by adding more plant-based meals into your diet. Find out more https://beachunitedchurch.com/2021/02/lent-challenge/

IMPORTANT DATE: Feb 28, Annual Congregational Meeting, 11.30 am via Zoom.

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