Say it with flowers

We are in the midst of Lent but we know that Easter is coming. In our longing for the springing of new life, let’s not forget to fully experience all the moments along the way. There will be moments to cherish and moments which hurt; moments that are life-giving and those which are death-dealing.

Perhaps we can learn from a weed growing through the cracks, willing to risk reaching for the sun, despite the possibility of being crushed - a fragment of life, oblivious to its demeaning name, flowering with beauty anyway.

Just before Easter, pots of spring flowers will be delivered to people in our community, who might need a bit of a lift. We hope that you will participate in this act of caring, by making a donation in “memory or celebration” of special people in your life.

To make a donation please CLICK HERE Write "Easter flowers" in the message box.

To name the people you are remembering, which will be shared in a special Easter eBlast message; please send an email to

Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with Beach United Church]

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TONIGHT - Watch, Ponder, Share: Thursday March 11, 7pm, led by Danna Fitton. Discuss the video service of March 7. For Zoom link contact

Sunday Worship Video: March 14th, Lent 4 “Forty Days & Forty Nights”. Worship leaders – Karen Dale [minister] & Steven Webb [music director].
The video will be posted by 12 noon on Sat March 13, on the website and Facebook

Solar Energy for Beach Co-operative Inc: Annual Meeting of the membership of our co-op, will be held on, Sunday, March 28, at 11:30 am. Join via Zoom

Concerts from Home featuring Belinda Corpus [ singer/songwriter], accompanied by Malcolm Connor on double bass. Release date of concert video Sat March 20th, through Eventbrite by donation.

Children & Youth: There are crosses all around us, formed by the branches of trees or telephone poles. See how many you can find or create your own unique cross. For more inspiration and information on this project, check out the webpage.

Knitting for Shivering Children: take a moment and be inspired by the wonderful creations by members of this group who have been active all winter.

Lent Challenge: live with respect in creation by adding more plant-based meals into your diet. Find out more
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Superfood Platter (from Canadian Living)
This dish tastes delicious and virtuous! An endorsement from Megumi Nishikawa
CLICK HERE for recipe

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