Steadfast God,
the journey has been long.
We have sought you out
and discovered you in storm and silence .
We have explored the wild places of our lives –
Forty days and forty nights, a long time.
You ask us to live differently
And have left your mark of love on our souls.

Good Friday Worship Friday April 2nd.
This compilation video has meditations from many voices, times of silence with photographs of the crosses which surround us. The music is provided by Steven Webb [music director] and members of the choir. To watch CLICK HERE

Easter Sunrise Contemplation Sunday April 4th.
Here is a resource to be used wherever you choose to be at 6.53 am, as the sun rises on Easter Sunday. CLICK HERE

Easter Sunday Communion
The service will be live-streamed via Facebook on April 4th at 10.30 am, from the sanctuary of BUC. Worship leaders are Karen Dale & Steven Webb.
Please have bread and juice [or equivalent] ready to celebrate communion together.
Here is the link to participate in the live-stream https://www.facebook.com/beachunitedchurch/live

Easter Flowers In Memory & Celebration

Nancy Harris ~ In tribute to Bill Harris and Don Murray

Marion Filshill ~ In memory of loved ones

Fran Vickery ~ In memory of my sister, brother and husband Jack

The Guy Family ~ In memory of John Guy

Anne Colquhoun ~ For Loved ones passed and current challenges

Rosalie Bradley ~ In honour of Christina and Dawson

Pat Davies ~ In memory of Margaret Nealon and Dayne Ogilvie

Elaine Graham ~ In memory of my father, Lorne Graham

Violet Kelly ~ In memory of all our loved ones

Laura and Bob Appleton ~ In loving memory of our parents

Joan Kilpatrick ~ In memory of Willamina and Matthew Kilpatrick

John de Valence ~ In memory of Olive and Paul de Valence

Frank and Pat Plue ~ With thanks for life’s blessings

Isobel Dickson & family ~ In memory of Don Dickson

Doreen Walker ~ In memory of Ross Walker

Pat & Dave Buchanan ~ In honour of W. & J. Shillinglaw and
J.& F. Buchanan
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