At Pentecost, followers of the way of Jesus received a very special gift before they ventured out into the world. The gift of the spirit is still active and we are encouraged not to get too settled - too rooted - too rigid - in our church buildings.

At best our spiritual lives can be a pilgrimage, where the dangerous place is when we get too comfortable and become stagnant. If we are to thrive in the spirit we must take every opportunity to jump through sprinklers, into lakes…into life itself.

This Sunday we will be engaging in worship through the spirit of Taizé; using chants and contemplations from the Taizé community in France. I hope that you will join us for the livestream at 10.30 am, or watch the recorded video on Facebook, at a time that is convenient.

Karen Dale, in ministry with Beach United Church

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Pentecost Communion

The service will be livestreamed via Facebook on Sunday May 23 at 10.30 am, from the sanctuary of BUC. Worship leaders are Karen Dale & Steven Webb; with a special guest soloist Victoria Liao.
Please have bread and juice [or equivalent] ready to celebrate communion together.
Here is the link to participate in the live-stream https://www.facebook.com/beachunitedchurch/live

Victoria Liao has recently graduated from the University of Toronto, where she studied English literature and Sexual Diversity Studies. She continues to edit prose and poetry for Augur Magazine and Looseleaf Magazine, and writes in her spare time. Victoria sings jazz, pop, and folk music, and enjoys listening to a variety of musical genres.

Gardening Group
The group currently meets outside the church at 140 Wineva Avenue on Saturday’s from 9.30 to 10.30 am. Contact Matthew Canaran at mattcanaran@gmail.com.
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Children & Youth: ideas on how to thrive in body, mind and spirit.

Music for the Soul: Find solace and joy in music.

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