C for coloured

In case you haven’t noticed
the whole world is coloured.
Everything that lives
is saturated except those
who are off colour.
Now there are signs saying
Opening Soon.
The colours are preening themselves
and the birds will decide
who they want to sing for.
Olive Senior from Pandemic Poems

Does love have a colour? How about caring or thriving or any feeling which makes our world a little brighter. If I had to venture an opinion I would say all of these are rainbow coloured. Sometimes rainbows show up unexpectedly in our lives in forms different from bow-shaped clusters of raindrops. There are people who paint our world beautiful.

You are invited to honour those “father figures” in your life, the people who have shaped who you are in some way. Please send a photograph and a couple of sentences describing your special person (s) to me by Monday June 7. If you want to record a short video clip that would be wonderful too!

Karen Dale, in ministry with Beach United Church

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May 30 – “Thrive” Worship leaders – Karen Dale [minister] & Steven Webb [music director].
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Great news about “A conversation with David Millar” - 86 people joined the conversation. This event was a joint venture hosted by Beach United and St. Aidan’s Anglican via Zoom.

Fred’s Walk 2021: Join Fred’s Walk and help Fred Victor Centres fundraise to support vulnerable people across Toronto. This 6th annual event on June 4th will be a virtual 10km guided tour of Fred Victor’s sites and a glimpse into the causes and effects of homelessness and poverty. To register or donate

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Food Pantry: we are investigating the idea of having a food pantry outside BUC in an accessible, preferably shady spot. This idea came out of a meeting of the Environmental Action Group. It would be run according to the following premise "Give what you can. Take what you need"
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