Minister Recruitment Search Team – We Need Your Participation!

With the news of Karen’s departure at the end of the year there is much to do and we need your help. Shining Waters Region (presbytery to us old timers) has a specific process that requires us to form a search team and engage in reflection and discernment as to what the church needs going forward and to then identify the desired attributes of the minister who will be a partner in that journey with us.

7 months seems like a long time but it isn’t. Ministers who are currently in a pastoral charge need to give up to 3 months notice and the search team itself needs to meet, receive some training from our regional liaison (aka presbytery minister rep) about the process, identify the needed attributes, post the upcoming vacancy, screen and interview candidates (twice for the short list) and then make the offer. Whew!!

So what are we asking?
  • 4-5 people to step forward (not two from the same household please)
  • A commitment of weekly meetings beginning the third week of June
  • Participation in the training session (time and date TBD)
  • Conduct the interviews (2 rounds) in September
  • Make the offer
Depending on how the search goes we may need to adapt but at the present time those are the needs for this very important piece of work. Our goal is to be able to post the vacancy (known as “the call”) by mid-August so interviews/offer can take place in September.

This is a unique opportunity to help guide the direction of Beach into the future. A future unlike anything any of us have lived before so if you are passionate about Beach and where we are going we’d be delighted to have you involved.

For any questions about the process please contact us at:

Brian, Barry, Nanci & David

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